Biocomputing and Media Research Lab

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Welcome to the Singh Laboratory


The primary mission of our research is to use Computer Science in novel ways to develop a quantitative and mechanistic understanding of the neglected diseases of humankind and accelerate the development of therapeutics against such diseases. A correlated research thrust lies in molecular informatics, incorporating the development of mathematical models, algorithms, computational tools, human-data interaction paradigms, and software and hardware systems that can aid in reasoning with complex and multifarious information about molecular structures and structure-activity relationships.

We also pursue an active research agenda targeted to the development of algorithms and systems for the analysis and modelling of information expressed through heterogeneous media, such as images, video, and text. In this context, we are especially interested in developing theory and techniques that allow unified modelling, processing, querying, and interactions with multiple-media. The ability to recognize correlations between different media is essential to a range of sensor and media rich applications such as search, large-scale information analysis and assimilation and pervasive computing, as well as biological and bio-medical data analysis.

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