The Biocomputing Research Lab

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Welcome to the Singh Laboratory

The primary mission of our research is to use computer science to advance biomedicine and human health. Our current research occurs along three intertwined directions. The first of these involves the design of algorithms for modeling, query-retrieval, analysis, and mining of conjugated molecule-phenotype data. The second direction of our work focuses on modeling and analysis of complex time-varying and high-dimensional information contained in biological and biomedical imagery. The final direction of our research involves computational epidemiology, in significant part, by designing methods that utilize social media as a novel source of behavioral and epidemiological data.

With our collaborators from life sciences and medicine, the computational techniques being developed by us are being applied in the following three problem contexts: (1) discovery of new drugs against the neglected diseases of humankind with a focus on the global disease schistosomiasis, (2) determining how activity in the brain is related to behavior by studying model organisms probed via chemical-biology, and (3) analyzing the epidemiology of substance use with an emphasis on the opioid epidemic and correlated infectious diseases.

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