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William Murad

  • Email: whemurad at mail dot sfsu dot edu
  • SFSU Status: Computer Science Graduate Student
  • Research Interests: Disulfide Bonds Optimized Algorithmic Determination (MS2DB+), Microarray Analysis System (XMAS)


  • W. Murad and R. Singh, "The MS2DB++ Webserver: Disulfide Bond Determination through Evidence Combination", IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, To Appear 2013, (Corresponding author R. Singh)
  • W. Murad and R. Singh, "MS2DB+: A Software for Determination of Disulfide Bonds Using Multi-Ion Analysis", IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 69-71, 2013. (Corresponding author R. Singh). [PDF]
  • R. Singh and W. Murad, "Protein disulfide topology determination through the fusion of mass spectrometric analysis and sequence-based prediction using Dempster-Shafer theory," BMC Bioinformatics, 14 (Suppl 2):S20, 2013. (Corresponding author R. Singh). [PDF]
  • R. Singh, W. Murad, and T. Lee, "Algorithmic Frameworks for Protein Disulfide-Connectivity Determination", Chapter 10, Algorithmic and AI Methods for Protein Bioinformatics, Yi Pan, J. Wang, and M. Li eds., Wiley 2012.
  • W. Murad, R. Singh, and T-Y. Yen, "An Efficient Algorithmic Approach for Mass Spectrometry-Based Disulfide Connectivity Determination in Proteins Using Multi-Ion Analysis", BMC Bioinformatics, 12 (Suppl 1):S12, 2011 (Corresponding author: R. Singh). [PDF]
  • W. Murad, R. Singh, and T-Y. Yen, "Polynomial Time Disulfide Bond Determination using Mass Spectrometry Data", IEEE Computational Structural Bioinformatics Workshop (CSBW), pp. 79-86, 2009. [PDF]
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