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Usability Analysis of Large Multi-Modal Websites


Our research explores the synergistic relationship between web content analysis and web usage mining to deliver a more complete characterization of web usage. The guiding inspiration for our research is the realization that web users interact with -- and produce -- a wealth of information which offers complementary views about web usage. Our analysis environment integrates intrinsic and extrinsic information to give a more complete understanding of the underlying relationships within the data. We are particularly interested in uncovering usability and usage patterns. An implication of our research is to provide feedback to web designers on design decisions for content availability. Significant parts of our experiments and analyses have utilized content and usage data from the SkyServer.

Parts of this research were conducted in collaboration with Jim Grey (Microsoft Research). This work is funded by a Microsoft Unrestricted Research Grant.

Jim Grey:
Microsoft Research:


  • B. D. Bhattarai, M. Wong, and R. Singh, "Discovering User Information Goals with Semantic Website Media Modeling", ACM International Conference on Multi-Media Modeling (MMM), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4351, pp. 364-375, 2007 [PDF]
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