The Biocomputing Research Lab

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Projects in Computational Biomedicine and Health

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Algorithmic Detection of Disulfide Bonds

Computational disulfide discovery from protein mass spectrometry data.

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Algorithms for chemical biology-driven mapping of zebrafish behavior

Extraction, analysis, and mapping of zebrafish behavior from chemical-biology screens.

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Analysis of complex Manduca sexta phenotype

Functional gene analysis using phenotype identification in digital video.

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Computational Drug Discovery Against Parasitic Diseases

Drug discovery for neglected diseases such as Filariasis, Onchocerciasis, and Schistosomiasis using algorithmic analysis of high-throughput assay data.

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eXperiential Microarray Analysis System

A new type of "sit-forward" microarray analysis employing an interactive user experience of microarray data.

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Freeflow: Information Management Systems for Drug Discovery

FreeFlowDB is a drug information database geared towards storing structural and high-throughput assay data generated during drug discovery.

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Mining Protein Structure Space

Algorithms and systems for mining and exploring the spaces inhabited by proteins and enzymes.

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Molecular Query and Retrieval

Methods for recognizing molecules (both small and protein-sized) and reasoning over large amounts of molecular data.

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Molecular Surface Visualization

Methods for visualizing molecular surfaces so as to preserve and elucidate salient features while reducing complexity of analysis.

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Residue Contexts: Flexible and Non-sequential Protein Structure Alignment

Residue Contexts is a novel method for protein structure alignment using structural and biochemical features.

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