The Biocomputing Research Lab

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Projects in Heterogeneous Information Modeling and Search

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Usability Analysis of Large Multi-Modal Websites

The research explores the synergistic relationship between web content analysis and web usage mining.

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Experiential Personal Information Management

This project builds on principles from experiential computing and unified multimedia modeling to address many of the challenges that contribute to the complexity of managing media.

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Multiple-Perspective Interactive Web Search

A project that addresses the challenges of interacting with complex and voluminous web based search results through a novel UI metaphor that enables multimodal presentation and interaction in web search.

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Characterizing Emergent Semantics of Media-based Information

Application of network models to formalize the notion of emergent semantics and develop rigorous models that can be used to characterize real-world data.

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Relating Pictures and Words

Combining the relationship between the semantics of image-based information and associated textual information to design retrieval algorithms.

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