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Your Data

We have preinstalled some data sets for you to explore in XMAS. Use the tools below to load an Expression Data Set, and an appropriate Knowledge Library, then proceed to XMAS to begin experiencing your data.

Expression Data

Expression data

The Expression Data Sets listed below capture the expression of probes measured over a number of samples, and then grouped into time periods. Click the data types for more information. You can load a data set by clicking its associated button.

No Expression Data Sets found. Please try refreshing this page.

Trajectory Files

These files are discretized representations of the data contained within the active Expression Data Set. You can load an existing file or create a new one to your own specification.

You do not have an active database. Please load one from the module above.


Knowledge Libraries

Knowledge Libraries contain data that can be integrated into analysis to enrich the exploratory environment. They can contain probe/gene information, labels and pathway information. You can load a Knowledge Library by clicking its associated button.

Load ID Name Probe Data Types Probes with Data Labels Pathways GO Terms
12 UCSF_Placental_Knowledge 4 54675 1 60 0
Creation Date: 07/02/2013 13:24 Description: