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Data Views & Operators

Fig. 1: The XMAS interface with the sidebar area highlighted.

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This section concentrates on the sidebar area, as shown in Fig. 1. To access the XMAS interface containing the visualizations described below, click the Run XMAS link in the top navigation bar. To enter analysis, you must have both an expression data set and a trajectory file loaded.


The summary view unites abridged Pathways and Labels Data views (if available) with a module that indicates how focused analysis is.



  • Current: Displays the filters applied to the current analysis

  • Trajectory Filter

  • Remove All: Removes all active filters from the current analysis


  • Current: Displays the highlighted features of the current analysis

  • Remove All: Stops highlighting any highlighted features


Provides access to a tab delimeted file containing probe identifiers for the current analysis


Presents options to save and load analysis