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Ben Dalziel, Hui Yang, Rahul Singh, Matthew Gormley, Susan Fisher: "XMAS: An Experiential Approach for Visualization, Analysis, and Exploration of Time Series Microarray Data." BIRD 2008: 16-31
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ABSTRACT: Time series microarray analysis provides an invaluable insight into the genetic progression of biological processes, such as pregnancy and disease. Many algorithms and systems exist to meet the challenge of extracting knowledge from the resultant data sets, but traditional methods limit user interaction, and depend heavily on statistical, black box techniques. In this paper we present a new design philosophy based on increased human computer synergy to over come these limitations, and facilitate an improved analysis experience. We present an implementation of this philosophy, XMAS (eXperiential Microarray Analysis System) which supports a new kind of "sit forward" analysis through visual interaction and interoperable operators. Domain knowledge, (such as pathway information) is integrated directly into the system to aid users in their analysis. In contrast to the sit back, algorithmic approach of traditional systems, XMAS emphasizes interaction and the power, and knowledge transfer potential of facilitating an analysis in which the user directly experiences the data. Evaluation demonstrates the significance and necessity of such a philosophy and approach, proving the efficacy of XMAS not only as tool for validation and sense making, but also as an unparalleled source of serendipitous results.